Instantly know where, when and how much fuel goes …

Only system to date can detect fuel theft, JP Diesel is a deputy assigned to the safety of reservoirs.

Its continuous fuel control system allows it to detect any suspicious 9-largeabnormality, such as an attempt to siphon. An
SMS alert can then be sent and the operator can validate the control graph that it is the sudden disappearance of a significant volume of fuel.

JP Gasoil systematically records the time of the incident and sends you a satellite picture to get a visual of the location of the suspect consumption.


JP Diesel promises to erect the principle of deterrence management model. Unable to oppose an alibi in the infallibility of embedded electronics. Deterrent, and profitable. The return on investment is found less than one year.

main benefits

  • overall management of the procurement and fuel consumption immediate
  • alert in case of sudden drop in level
  • Detailed reports of the fuel level
  • adaptable sensor for industrial vehicles, construction equipment such as generators, storage tanks … etc.