Give yourself importance to control the temperature of your cargo?

The probe temperature JP Temp is exactly what you need.

You learn about the place of delivery that the temperature inside the refrigerated compartment has exceeded the 22-largelimits during transport and you have not detected in time. The customer checks the temperature curve registered by the thermograph in your semi-trailer and does not accept the goods. You find yourself now with a load of spoiled products.

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, the monitoring of temperature during transport is an important requirement; the temperature monitoring system has also become an article of a specification standard for temperature controlled transport.

With JP TRACK, you can now track all your vehicles 24/24. Now, with the temperature sensor, you can also check the cargo temperature of your vehicle.

The probe can be the perfect complement to the existing thermograph in your semi-trailer. It will conduct a sampling of temperature and sends this information to the processing center JP TRACK data.

You have the ability to set alarms and generate reports based on information received from the temperature sensor; therefore be able to react in case of temperatures exceeding the limit.


  • immediate alert

By SMS or by email, immediately receive alerts when the temperature exceeds the set limit;

  • Quality of services offered to customers

Become a strong link in the cold chain of your customers;

  • financial economics

No need to replace the damaged goods or indemnify your customers;

  • Improved security

Avoid the delivery of a commodity that can be dangerous to the health of consumers.

main benefits

  • the overall temperature management
  • full protection of perishable and frozen food
  • immediate alerts when temperature outside limits