In accordance with the law, the importation and commercialization of GPS trackers are subjected to declarations to the ANRT, National Telecommunications Regulatory Agency (in Morocco).

Even if the use of a GPS Tracking solution is becoming more widespread, you must ensure that certain restrictive obligations are respected. Otherwise, as an employer, you risk penalties for infringing your employees’ privacy!

To remain legal and to be able to use the collected information, you must also inform each employee individually of the installation of a GPS Tracker on its vehicle.

In particular, the employee must be aware of the purpose of this fleet monitoring system, the type of data recorded and the duration of retention, the identity or category of the people who have access to the data.

Although GPS Tracking solutions have proven their usefulness to professionals:

 – safety of people or conveyed goods,

 – fleet management & resources optimization,

 – working time management if there are no other possibilities,

… they should not be used to spy on employees.