Geolocation of Mobile & Human Resources

JP & CO® solution is based on the Internet platform JPTRACK developed by JP&Co itself, using GPS positioning, GSM / GPRS networks, RFID and internet.


From any PC, tablet and smartphone connected to the Internet, JPtrack give users access to a wealth of information:

  • Locating the position
  • Viewing trips
  • Anti-theft (alarm): Remote immobilisation
  • Planning and analysis of driver behavior (working hours, speed … etc.)
  • Motor on / off (eg. vehicles / construction equipment / compressors / generator)
  • fuel level and alert in case of theft
  • Temperature of refrigerated boxes vehicles
  • Time spent on projects
  • Geofencing (geographic boundaries)
  • Route optimization
  • Synthetic and specific reports
  • Maintenance Planning

Business Solutions, Consulting and Training – Logistics, industry & Services

JP & CO® also offers consulting and training. The customer receives a direct and targeted advice on the needs analysis and evaluation of potential gains to identify activities for which the establishment of a necessary solution.

Our specialists assist you in the following areas:

  • Fleet management
  • Transportation Managment
  • Warehouse Managment
  • Industrial Maintenance Service
  • Production management