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The GPS unit concealed in the vehicle, collects vehicle information, location, course, speed, fuel consumption, temperature, kilometers, fuel level … and sends them on a secure server. The user retrieves this information through our website with access by login and password. These data are reported in real time 24 hours / 24 and 7/7

JP Track – Geolocation more …

The Geolocation JP Track is:

1. A web application: Authorized users access JP Track from any PC, tablet ormultiplateformesmartphone connected to the Internet. The basic features can add specific functionality
related to your industry.


2. GPS units: hardware equipment installed in the vehicle or pocket communicating 33-large
throughGPRS, SMS, Satellite, … GPS positions and other vehicle information to the server.Our range offers various models of boxes to equip motor vehicles but also non motorized mobile units.



3. latest generation of products for optimal control of your fleet: anti-theft starterrelay, High Precision Sensor for Fuel Level, Temperature Sensor Interface CAN Bus, Onboard Camera, Opening detector Portes, RFID reader …


4. high-value partners: For advice, installation and technical support, JP & CO has a34-large high-level network of partners.

The features of JP Track

Besides the standard features associated with Geolocation, JP Track platform offers you countless possibilities:

  • Tour management
  • fuel solution
  • CAN bus
  • refrigeration temperature control
  • Departments Administration and Points of interest
  • driver identification by RFID
  • Anti-theft relay
  • opening doors
  • Email alerts and sms
  • summary reports
  • Control Route

JP Diesel – High Precision Sensor for Fuel

Instantly know where, when and how much fuel goes …

Only system to date can detect fuel theft, JP Diesel is a deputy assigned to the safety of reservoirs.

Its continuous fuel control system allows it to detect any suspicious 9-largeabnormality, such as an attempt to siphon. An
SMS alert can then be sent and the operator can validate the control graph that it is the sudden disappearance of a significant volume of fuel.

JP Gasoil systematically records the time of the incident and sends you a satellite picture to get a visual of the location of the suspect consumption.


JP Diesel promises to erect the principle of deterrence management model. Unable to oppose an alibi in the infallibility of embedded electronics. Deterrent, and profitable. The return on investment is found less than one year.

main benefits

  • overall management of the procurement and fuel consumption immediate
  • alert in case of sudden drop in level
  • Detailed reports of the fuel level
  • adaptable sensor for industrial vehicles, construction equipment such as generators, storage tanks … etc.

JP Temp Temperature -Sonde

Give yourself importance to control the temperature of your cargo?

The probe temperature JP Temp is exactly what you need.

You learn about the place of delivery that the temperature inside the refrigerated compartment has exceeded the 22-largelimits during transport and you have not detected in time. The customer checks the temperature curve registered by the thermograph in your semi-trailer and does not accept the goods. You find yourself now with a load of spoiled products.

In the food and pharmaceutical industries, the monitoring of temperature during transport is an important requirement; the temperature monitoring system has also become an article of a specification standard for temperature controlled transport.

With JP TRACK, you can now track all your vehicles 24/24. Now, with the temperature sensor, you can also check the cargo temperature of your vehicle.

The probe can be the perfect complement to the existing thermograph in your semi-trailer. It will conduct a sampling of temperature and sends this information to the processing center JP TRACK data.

You have the ability to set alarms and generate reports based on information received from the temperature sensor; therefore be able to react in case of temperatures exceeding the limit.


  • immediate alert

By SMS or by email, immediately receive alerts when the temperature exceeds the set limit;

  • Quality of services offered to customers

Become a strong link in the cold chain of your customers;

  • financial economics

No need to replace the damaged goods or indemnify your customers;

  • Improved security

Avoid the delivery of a commodity that can be dangerous to the health of consumers.

main benefits

  • the overall temperature management
  • full protection of perishable and frozen food
  • immediate alerts when temperature outside limits

can bus eco driving for the pro’s


Want to improve the conduct of your drivers …

The CAN bus provides transport companies an accurate view of the drivers’ driving style, which can then apply the eco-driving principles. Based on information including speed, braking behavior, engine speed, emergency stops, the operation of the engine off or acceleration, organizations can continuously assess their drivers and coach to improve their performance and achieve money and fuel savings.

The CAN bus contributes directly to reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and maintenance costs and damage and accidents on the roads. A growing number of transport companies are aware and therefore adopt eco-driving principles.

The CAN bus is originally installed in each truck. With the FMS standard, agreed upon by the major truck manufacturers, it is relatively simple to connect additional devices to the CAN bus. Over 50% of the currently outstanding trucks measure and record the vehicle’s performance and driver behavior through the CAN bus.